Get your art noticed

Even individual Artists like authors and painters, need useable website content to promote their art. But, there’s more to content than placing text on a page and more to publicity than a website. My goal is to help you publicise your art online.

I’m an artist helping artists get noticed by sharing my knowledge, resources and writing skills.

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. Andy Warhol

Create useable content

It’s no secret that information attracts an online user to a website. The reader has a question. The content promises to answer the question. But to keep the reader’s attention the page needs to deliver useable content.

Useable content is…

  • Scannable
  • Concise.
  • Regular.
  • Original
  • Organised.
  • Credible.
Creative Content Writer, Tiinsky
Hello. I'm Tina, an emerging author and artist like you.

Readers don’t want marketing fluff. Way back in 1997, the Nielson group discovered promotional language improved online readership by a whopping 0%. This result is still relevant today.

Producing regular, meaningful content takes time. It takes time away from your art. If you’re an individual artist on a low to non-existent budget, you most likely prefer to spend your time creating art. Whether that’s a new mosaic, a song, or a short story. I want to give you that time.

Develop your online brand

Developing your online brand requires more than a social media presence. If you want to strengthen your individual artist’s brand, I’ll provide you with opportunities to interact and increase traffic to your blog. A blog that establishes your credibility.

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If you’re frustrated with being stuck between two worlds, the world of creativity and the world of publicity, don’t market your brand alone. That’s where I excel. I support individual artists with their online presence.

Make lasting connections

I invite you to come hangout with me online. If you want:

  • Ideas for article topics and prompts.
  • Regular “how to” guides to write blogs posts and articles.
  • Tips to balance your online time with your creativity.
  • Facts on search engine placement.
  • Advice on website management and content.
  • Online writing and publicity services.

In his book, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (1975), Andy Warhol also states, ‘Business art is the step that comes after art.’

Don’t just rely on social media advertising to sell your artistry. When you want to make an income from your creative talent, you need a website with regular, useable content to build your audience. An audience you interact with regularly.

Helping artists be seen

Writing for the web requires different techniques and formats to traditional print. If you want to:

  1. Engage more visitors.
  2. Improve your search engine hits.
  3. Sell more of what you create.

My online writing knowledge can increase your visibility. There’s more to copywriting than inserting keywords on a page. As a creative content writer in Brisbane, Australia, I write meaningful online articles. As an emerging artist, I also want to help authors and other artists be seen.

Choose the right words and build lasting connections between you and your  audience.