T.B.Dubinsky, novice author and imagineer

T.B.Dubinsky – emerging author, online writer, word artist and imagineer

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A short autobiography of an emerging author

T.B.Dubinsky formerly known as T.B.Wells believed her father when he announced, ‘H.G.Wells is a distant cousin of ours’. Though she is yet to discover the link to this famous author in her ancestral tree, Herbert George Wells remains a writing inspiration.

Other writing inspirations include John Keats, Enid Blythe, JRR Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Anne Bishop and Garth Nix. While novice author, T.B.Dubinsky still secretly fantasizes about her connection to H.G.Wells, no known blood ties exist with any of these authors.

T.B.Dubinsky history

Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1970, T.B.Dubinsky spent most of her childhood in Walkerston, west of Mackay in North Queensland. After graduating from high school she moved to Brisbane to continue her music studies.

Selected twice for Young Australian Scriptwriting Workshop scholarships in her youth, T.B.Dubinsky’s passion for creative writing remained a hidden pastime. Instead she mused about her creative ideas during her day jobs where she typed minutes and boring business letters, occasionally correcting her employer’s dictation.

Somehow preparing business reports led to a career in office management, bookkeeping and human resources where creating policies, procedures and termination letters, reignited her interest in creative writing.

Finally, she did what everyone tells you not to do. She quit her day job.

Now, T.B.Dubinsky writes about herself in third person. She still dreams of completing and publishing her first novel while repeatedly revising a handful of completed short stories. Thankfully, online writing provides a small amount of pocket-money that helps to pay for her blogs.

Tina, as she likes to be called by her friends, hopes that before her next birthday she will have received her novel’s first rejection letter. But not too many please.

Writing genres

T.B.Dubinsky enjoys writing in a range of fictional genres. Not surprising, science fiction, science fiction fantasy and speculative fiction top her list.

Historical fiction was recently added to this list as she enjoys a mild attraction to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Enlightenment. She also has a short story creative memoir hidden under her bed.

Of non-fiction Tina enjoys creating online articles about fictional world building (a hobby that she has indulged in for over 15 years), music, literature, human resources and a handful of other topics.

Arty type credentials and other studies of significance

Over the years Tina has completed many short courses and studies on various topics including climate change, astronomy, entrepreneurship, writing online, html and physics. She has also completed:

  • A Master of Arts (Writing) from Swinburne University of Technology.
  • A 3 year degree Diploma in Music from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music where she majored in voice.
  • An advanced Diploma in Acting from ARTTS International in the UK.
  • Cert IV in Human Resources through AHRI.

To keep her brain cells active, she is currently progressing through Google’s online marketing digital certification.

On T.B.Dubinsky’s writing projects

Current projects include:

  • An online digital fiction of the pick-your-path variety which she aims to complete by February 28, 2017.
  • A science fiction and fantasy novel with the working title, Antiquity which she hopes to complete by 1 August, 2017.
  • Ongoing blog writing commitment to two blogs including her novice author blog focused on the creative writing processes
  • Regular online article writing for HubPages and affiliated websites.

After waving her daughter off to school, Tina continues to practice the art of writing. She also occasionally breaks into song. While she enjoys online writing, T.B Dubinsky looks forward publishing her first novel soon.