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Article writing differs from blog writing. Articles are more like essays or short non-fiction stories. Posted less regularly than blogs, articles aim for a longer word count. Presented with a formal tone and verified facts, articles reward your visitors with new information.

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As an article writer, I spend time researching the topic before I begin writing. This could mean:

  • Interviewing people.
  • Reading through notes or data you have collected.
  • Traditional gathering of information through credible sources.

However, aside from presenting factual information, your article needs to offer something different from your competitors’ content. The choice of tone, use of a persuasive voice and insightful sharing of new knowledge gains the reader’s interest and trust.

I don’t define the different types of articles just by the number of words. Rather, I define an article type by its style.

Long-form journalistic articles

Long-form articles are journalistic in style. They generally range from 1,000 words to several thousand. They weave a spell binding story and are characterised by:

Storytelling elements.
Narrative journalism.
Creative nonfiction.
Use of multimedia.
Use of gamification.
Subjects as characters.
A literary style.
Immersing the reader emotionally and intellectually.
In-depth research.
Significant lead time.

I can work with your digital team to create stunning, quality stories. Alternatively, I can work directly with your content management system (CMS) and installed storytelling plugins to create long-form journalistic articles.¹

Standard articles

Standard articles are articles over 1,000 words presented in an essay, commentary, review, report or opinion format.

Like long-form articles, they may also contain original research and  interactive elements¹, and be presented in a literary style. While they use a formal tone there is less emphasis on narrative journalism or creative non-fiction techniques.

Uses for this format might include:

An essay on an artistic influence.
 The results of a research project or survey.
A theoretical meditation.
Exploration of a process from your studio with examples of your work.

A key consideration when writing an article, is that it provides an in-depth focus to a particular topic or theme.

Repurposed Article

A repurposed article is a rewrite of an existing long-form or standard article into quality web copy. I will rewrite your existing article or essay for the internet. This may include:

Changing the language to suit an Internet audience.
Use of shorter sentences and paragraphs.
Inclusion of sub-headings and dot points.
Use of keywords, transition words and copywriting techniques..
Interactive elements such as linkage, polls or multimedia.¹

In-depth research for articles

Article writer for hireInformation gathering might include:

  1. One-on-one interviews in person or via Skype or telephone.
  2. Surveys
  3. Questionnaires
  4. Polls

Interviewing subjects for online articles

As an article writer, my research skills extend to interviewing subjects. I prefer to conduct one-on-one conversational interviews rather than using a predetermined question and answer format. I feel the former allows the subject to express their views more candidly. However, I can conduct both.

Other aspects of interviewing subjects that you may need to consider include:

  • Written informed consent which outlines oral history copyright and defamation laws.
  • The process for the collection of information including the method of recording – such as paper, audio or video.
  • Whether interview subjects would be involved in the signing off on draft material during the revision process.

If you are want less formal writing and research, then blog writing may interest you. Blog posts differ from article writing by applying a conversational tone. They post more often and vary in length anywhere from 300 to 1,000 words.

¹Interactive elements Interactive elements maybe limited by your available web technology and preferred CMS. The cost of interactive elements are your responsibility. They must either be paid upfront or supplied by you.


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