Web page content writer for individual artists

As a web page content writer, I can help you write the primary pages of your website. The primary pages contain the core information of your business. If you’re selling your art online, then you’re running a business.

Making money, even a passive income from art isn’t easy. Having a professional website with meaningful content shows you’re serious about what you do. Even if you’re an emerging artist, starting a website builds credibility.

As a web page content writer with an artistic background, I can help you write awesome content.

Primary information services

Full Website Evaluation

You receive a critical readers report on how to improve your website content. I’ll review all your key pages and take a look at any other types of pages too.

Depending on the amount of article pages and blog posts, I may check a sample only (up to five of each) . You receive feedback on what you’re doing well with suggestions for improvement. Your website evaluation reviews:

Keyword optimisation.
Text layout.
Interactive elements.
Copywriting improvements.

New Web Content

The new web content service is ideal for first-timers. Though it also suits artists who want a complete overhaul of their website. I can guide you through the planning and structure stages of your information architecture (IA).

Aside from creating a site map, IA also includes developing your website users’ experience. Our aim is to plan how each type of user will reach the goals you set, whether it’s to buy your art or sign-up for your newsletter.

If you’ve already worked all this out, good on you! We can jump straight into drafting new content for the key pages.

The benefits of hiring a freelance content writer go beyond SEO considerations. Quality, regular content will always stand out. If you’re devoted to your art, show it off with a professional website .

Perhaps you have completed all your planning, already? I can help you write persuasive copy to suit your personal brand and influence your visitors.

Content Revision

With a website that’s already up and running, you may need to improve or update your existing pages. I can help you with a rewrite of  the content. Or perhaps, just a few tweaks to improve user experience and search engine placement.

I offer a discount for all content revision services when combined with the full website evaluation.

Key informational web pages

My web page writing services cover key informational pages about what you do and sell. I also write website articles and blog posts. While key web pages contain primary information, articles and blogs contain secondary information and appear more frequently.

Key pages contain primary information. They include:

  • Your home page.
  • Service pages for services you offer like art classes or ghost writing.
  • Product pages for a things you sell, such as books, sculptures or audio files.
  • A gallery page to show off your creations  – a must for visual artists and crafters.
  • Cornerstone pages.
  • Landing pages – usually your individual product and service pages.
  • Public appearance page – for book signing tours, exhibitions or performances.
  • An about page. Sometimes titled ‘Bio’,  ‘Artist’ or ‘Author’.

The structure of your website will decide what you consider as key pages. While you don’t need to keep the standard key page names, familiarity may create a more enjoyable experience for the visitor, whereas abstract names may confuse.

Your artist website acts as an online storefront for your creative endeavours. But it also extends your studio. It’s a place to invite visitors into your artistic space. So, it should echo your who you are and what you create, but also provide for your visitors expectations.

As a web page content writer, I can provide you with ideas and suggestions to improve your user experience.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re looking for guidance on what to include on your website, ask for a copy of my free eBook, ‘Website Content for Artists’. Yes, that also includes authors, musicians, entertainers and artisans too.

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