WordPress plugins to ease your stress

WordPress plugins are useful applications for extending the features of your WordPress website or blog. For over four years WordPress has been my choice as a content management system for my websites. These fabulous WordPress plugins are one of the reasons I like it.

Ease your online stress with these WordPress Plugins

Don’t get caught without protection. Ease your stress with these six recommended WordPress Plugins that can help you with WordPress Security, SEO and reduce the time of backend coding.

If you want to innovate or extend your WordPress website or blog, here are six WordPress plugins that will make your life easier. I recommend these WordPress plugins based on my personal experience as a user. For full functionality some of these plugins require a small annual subscription or a professional upgrade payment.

Six Essential WordPress Plugins

1. Akismet

In just over a year it has stopped over 30,000 spam comments on one of my websites.

  • uses an API key
  • automatically detects comments and trackback spam
  • you nominate a small recurring fee to access a basic annual account
  • use the same key for unlimited websites
  • larger websites may prefer to purchase their fully supported packages
Download Akismet from WordPress.org

2. Jetpack

Jetpack provides self hosted WordPress websites with features previously only available to WordPress.com users. Some of the features include

  • simple stats which you can monitor daily
  • a subscribe email widget for notifying of new posts
  • simple contact forms
  • social network enabled comment system
  • integration of automatic posting to social media websites
  • widget visibility for different pages
  • access to more widgets such as recent tweet widgets
Download Jetpack from WordPress.org

3. BulletProof Security Pro (BPS Pro)

BPS Pro is the paid version of BPS Free, a security based WordPress plugin. BPS Pro has detected unknown files and intrusions and helped me to stop persistent security breaches. It is recommended that you trial the free version first.

Features include

  • easy setup wizard
  • .htaccess security
  • quarantines unknown files
  • autorestore files from backup
  • login security and monitoring
  • firewalls
  • security, PHP error and http error logging
  • email alerts
Download BPS Free from WordPress.org
WordPress Plugin Backend

Screen shot of the WordPress Plugin administration backend

4. WordPress SEO

There are three features that I love about WordPress SEO.

  1. the plugin is FREE
  2. “Page Analysis” helps a writer to write better content with SEO in mind
  3. WordPress SEO produces XML sitemaps

If you want additional SEO support for the plugin or a site review, you can purchase these from Yoast at a reasonable rate.

Special Note on WordPress SEO

The latest update 1.4.25 does not work fully with PHP 5.3. If your web host has not yet upgraded your PHP to 5.4 than it is recommended you keep or install WordPress SEO version 1.4.24.

Download WordPress SEO from WordPress.org

5. Shortcodes Ultimate

I’ve only recently come across Shortcodes Ultimate and I wish I had discovered it a while ago.

  • saves you or a developer hours of coding time to create your own WordPress shortcodes
  • can generate over 40 usefulshortcodes for your posts, pages and widgets including
    • buttons
    • spoiler alerts
    • columns
    • sliders
    • carousel
    • dropcaps
    • lists
    • and much, much more
  • has an easy to use shortcode generator allowing useful customization and unlimited button sizes and icon styles

The orange call to action buttons on this page are created with the help of Shortcodes Ultimate.

Download Shortcodes Ultimate from WordPress.org

6. Google Analytics for WordPress

This WordPress Plugin is brought to you by the same developer as WordPress SEO. It is very useful if your theme does not include a feature to insert your google analytic code.

  • simple installation and integration
  • outbound link and downloads tracking
  • provides support for custom variables
Download Google Analytics from WordPress.org
WordPress my favorite CMS

WordPress is my favorite CMS for Websites and Blogs.

Easy WordPress Plugin Installation

In the administration backend of your WordPress installation, there are two easy options for installing a new plugin:

  1. Search and install the latest plugin version from WordPress.org
  2. Upload the local copy of your zipped plugin file

These WordPress Plugins are six plugins that I use extensively. They have provided me with invaluable support as both a writer and website administrator for WordPress sites.

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