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What does “sent to Coventry” mean?

Girl walking alone down a foggy road.

While the exact origin of “sent to Coventry” continues to elude historians, its meaning remains steadfast. An English idiom, this phrase is not as predictable as other phrases, like “the finer things in life.” But its modern usage refers to a person ignored by society, friends, and family. I recently used the phrase for a theme …

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How to write amazing product descriptions

Make your products stand out

To write product descriptions well, you need to differentiate your product. Typing the same descriptive words used by your competitors lacks originality. And writing unoriginal text is boring. Your customers have read it before. Many businesses copy the text from packaging and product brochures. Even though suppliers already show these brochures online. Because it’s the …

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4 Article templates to increase your blog frequency

Use article templates

Have you ever wondered how popular bloggers keep their blogs up to date? Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret. One way to enable frequent blogging is to use article templates. An article template provides you with a structure and set of instructions for designing your blog post. It saves oodles of time. …

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4 Reasons artists practice business skills

Business skills for artists

Should artists practice business skills? The legacy of the starving artist suggests artists are not capable of running their art as a business. That art and business should be kept separate. Yet, in our rapidly changing world where machines threaten job stability, some jobs like those that involve creativity remain preferable for humans.  Starting up an …

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Writing goals: to help others do what they love

Writing goal to engage with others.

Recently, I did some deep thinking about where I was heading with my writing goals. Since I graduated from my Masters, I’ve pottered around working on a few creative projects;  mostly my fictional short stories. But, something was missing.   I looked at my core values and rejigged my writing practice to support them. Writing …

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