Ready to immerse yourself in a great story? My name is Tina Dubinsky. I’m an Australian author, poet and creative.

Welcome to my shared space for written, spoken and performative texts. You may graze, consume and participate.

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Genres That I Explore




Short Story

Micro Fiction



Science Fiction


Historical Fiction

Speculative Fiction


Tidbits: Tiny morsels of interesting information

Why multiple genres?

Being confined to one genre as a multi-displinary author is limiting, especially for short stories and micro fiction. I am inspired to challenge my experiences and find joy in creating a variety of texts.

My longest project

My science fiction and fantasy work-in-progress is a labour of love. The idea germinated in 2000 and has continued to develop and transform through roleplay, writing, reflection and world building.

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You can read an eclectic collection of short stories, micro fiction, reflections and nonfiction articles such as insights into words and grammar, book reviews, and other real life writing projects.

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Actually Writing Podcast launchs July 2024

Tina’s Actually Writing Podcast

A medley of theory, practice and process combined with the performative nature of writing. Pre-recorded, carefully selected sound bites on hot and contemporary topics inviting the listener to reflect, share, absorb and spark new meaning for a contemporary oeuvres.

Coming July 2024

Reader’s Responses From Across The Web

“Love it, Tina! It’s interesting how a micro piece can still be so engaging and have one reflect and step into a time period.”

– Tammy from my website blog.

“I reckon your writing is neat … and to get to read your neat short stories is only 40 bucks! A book is more expensive and…”

– Emily from my column. Adulting Sucks .