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write high-quality blog articles, so they can post regular content that showcases their work.

Need a skilled online content writer?

As an online content writer, I craft SEO ready content from product descriptions to long-form blog articles.

What do you need help with?

Web page copy

Web page content

to promote my online business presence


Longform article writer

Longform articles

to wow my customers with relevant content


blog writer

Business blogs

to engage my readers with regular posts


Business eBook

to gift my customers something of value


I’m Your Blog’s Ghostly Presence

Yes, that’s me, Tina the friendly ghostwriter. Hello, there! In this old photo, I’m acting in a stage musical as a psychic.

When I write for others though, I avoid calling on the supernatural for advice. However, I aim to think like my clients as I learn about the philosophies and motivations behind their creativity and work.

As a blog ghostwriter, my research skills and artistic background add value to your blog. I lurk about behind the scenes to write stories about your business and products.

While your work is in the careful thoughts of a professional online content and article writer, I’m also experienced with SEO. As well, I keep your business blog original, relevant and consistent, giving you the freedom to do what you love most.

Ultimately, it’s the story behind your creative process and work that takes center stage.

Art Writing, Resumes and Histories

Do you need the experience of a creative research writer or HR professional?

But wait, there’s more! I don’t just write blogs and articles, I’m also available for other writing projects.

Blue art pallet and brush icon

Art Writing & Editing

to sort out my art
submissions and proposals


resume writing services

Resume Writing & Editing

to take control of my life
and get that job


Writing Histories

to enrich communities
with fact-filled stories


Freelance writing services

I’m a no frills kind-of-person. As a freelancer, I keep my overheads low but have the flexibility to work around the clock.

Ask me about an ongoing blog-writing contract for your business.

It’s a month-to-month contract with no cancellation fee. It guarantees my availability. Plus, you get an upfront discount for a set number of articles each month.

No outsourced writing.

Because I personally research and write my clients’ blogs and articles, I have limited ongoing spots available.

Freelance writer in Brisbane, Australia.

While I write behind the scenes as a blog ghostwriter, I’m also a named author of digital text. I work as an online content writer for Australian and international clients.

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