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Write high-quality business blogs.

Hire a freelance copywriter blogger to craft your blog posts, web pages, e-newsletters, artist statements, bio and more. I work with creative teams and artists to produce customer-focused, SEO ready content.

Write engaging text with a freelance copywriter blogger

When your website doesn’t perform as well you expect, ask an SEO copywriter to review your text. Transform your pages with intriguing, scannable and relevant content.

Copywriter Brisbane Australia

Choose your copywriting service

Web page copy

Web page content

to promote your online business presence

  • Website evaluation.
  • New web content.
  • Content revision.


Longform article writer

Longform articles

to wow your customers with relevant content

  • Long-form article.
  • Standard article.
  • Repurposed article.


blog writer

Business & Art Blogs

to engage your readers with regular content

  • Affordable.
  • Blog editing.
  • Social media plugs.


Do you struggle when writing about your art?

Artists often find it difficult to condense their words. When you’re close to your work everything seems important. It’s difficult to judge what’s irrelevant.

A professional copywriter adds clarity to your artist statements and bio. Solve the problem of too many words. Have your artist statement professionally edited.

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Art Writing & Editing

to sort out your art
submissions and proposals


Resumes and Writing Histories

Do you need the experience of a creative research writer or HR professional?

resume writing services

Resume Writing & Editing

to take control of your life
and get that job


Writing Histories

to enrich communities
with fact-filled stories


Freelance Writer, Brisbane, Australia

Does your writing need pizzaz? I write for creative entrepreneurs, artists and small businesses.

Though I’m a copywriter in Brisbane, Australia, I also work for international clients in the USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand.

Let your website copy, blog posts, artists statements, bios and resumes shine.


How an online copywriter can help your business.

Everyone writes.

You don’t have enough time to write every blog post yourself.

You may not be as skilled at writing for the web.

Writing web content is not your primary business focus.

You want a skilled writer to edit your writing.

Wordpress Copywriter
WordPress Experienced Copywriter

In the past you may have hired:

1. The Content Writer.
2. The Copywriter.
3. The Editor.

But why pay for all three people when you only need one?

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