About the Author Tina Dubinsky — How I became an author, artist and creator.

I am compelled to proselytise and advocate for the worlds and their themes that emerge from my unconcious soup.

– Tina Dubinsky on writing.

How I became an author

When I was fresh out of college, I wanted to be an actor. Becoming an author or writer was not an idea that germinated until later in life.

There were moments when I would sit at my desk or kitchen table and pen a few words together into a poem. I might sit at an old typewriter and work on an idea for a play or think up a children’s story based on my hometown, but I never thought of writing as a potential career.

It was a pleasant pastime.

Then, life sped up. Before I knew it, I was in my forties, married with one child and employed as a human resource manager. I still engaged in creative writing in my spare time and created a fantasy world for fun.

After writing and forgetting that I had published a handful of nonfiction articles with a place called Hubpages, I was reminded of it when a payment arrived in my account. Surprised, I visited Hubpages to re-read what I had published and was encouraged and horrified by my writing.

Ten years later, I still receive regular payments for just a dozen articles in the nonfiction and poetry genres. 

Sami, a beautiful soul I met online in 1999, inspired me to enter NANOWRIMO and work towards my first fantasy novel.

NANOWRIMO goal exceeded

After reaching the goal of 50,000 words, I kept going. Over four months, I churned out a rough story with 130,000 words. This monster had 40-something characters, and as their god (third-person omniscient point of view), I had to jump into all their heads and share all their insights.

You can imagine the mess. I knew I needed help with my writing.

So, I enrolled in a Master of Arts (Writing) program and discovered a whole new perspective on writing, with different theories, approaches, research methods and different formats and genres that resonated with my brain.

Swinburne University awarded me my postgraduate degree in 2017. Since then, I have been practising my art between commercial writing projects.

On Writing

I am compelled to proselytise and advocate for the worlds and their themes that emerge from my unconscious soup. To keep them for myself is a selfish act.

As an author and reader, I value:

Reader-response criticism. It supports the reader as the interpreter of the text without requiring understanding or knowledge of the author’s background.

Practice-led research and exploring the connections for, into, and through practice. 

The process of writing, especially research into the self, the creation of a creative space, play and creative discovery through journalling.

The conventions of genre with a strong curiosity about their accepted generalisations and what they signify to the reader.

Current projects

Viola (WIP) | Genre: SF&F

Viola is the first book in the dark fantasy series, Age of Ahnicus. It combines hours of world-building with elements of science fiction. The world contains original species and characters. Tina has planned several other book formats to accompany the series.

Project status

Book one is 60% completed. Aim to query is early 2025.

Adulting Sucks (Ongoing) | Genre: Nonfiction

Writing with the intention of publishing almost immediately within a specified time frame is messy. Satire and humour require a sound knowledge of the topic before ridiculing, exaggerating and adding some irony, which makes this project challenging.

Project status

Ongoing. Live with regular updates.

Family Microstories (Ongoing)

Very short stories (under 500 words) that reflect the discoveries about family ancestors. Some tales may fall under historical fiction, while others may bridge into creative nonfiction depending on the amount and quality of information uncovered.

Project status

Ongoing. There is one completed story to date.

Mars 2039 (Working title)

Mars 2039 is a short science fiction story that I wrote for a Master of Arts subject. I had set it aside as wasn’t sure where it needed to go. Until recently. While trying to sleep a few weeks ago, my story re-emerged in my thoughts and a new telling revealed itself.

Project status

50% completed. I need to rewrite this artefact.