Adulting Sucks

Adulting Sucks by Tina Dubinsky. A Substack subscriber publication about the chaos of adulthood.

Adulting Sucks is an every-other-week personal column that offers both a FREE and a paid subscription. You can also purchase the Foundation subscription: a once-in-a-lifetime payment.

Adulting: The practice of being a responsible adult.

About Adulting Sucks

Adulting Sucks is “all about embracing the chaos of adulthood”. It’s a creative space that merges memoir, reflection and creative nonfiction with humour.

What does it contain?

Occasionally helpful advice, tips, stories and strategies for surviving adulthood. Although, rather than a how-to publication this is more of how-not.

Intended readership

This tongue-in-cheek publication is for adults who don’t mind the occasional swear word, off-topic wanderings, badly drawn images, and anecdotal accounts.


As a subscriber you can expect a notification of a new instalment every other week. The aim is weekly, but adulting things take preference.

Eat carrots

Eating carrots while reading the publication of Adulting Sucks helps readers’ digest the bite-sized portions of satire and humour.


Nonfiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, satire, humour, experimental and potentially some short stories and micro fiction. So, a mixed bag of goodies.

Adulting Sucks subscription price

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My favourite FREE subscriber post…

Why Adulting Sucks Even with a Job by Tina Dubinsky

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