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Emerging Author and Creative Content Writer

Hi there! I’m Tina an online author and writer.

I work in two writing worlds. I write fiction, but I’m also passionate about writing for the web. If there’s one word that best describes both interests, it’s creative.

creative content writer

But I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. While my creativity ignites in the subconscious soup along with imagination, chaos and other irregularities, I also enjoy planning and working with rules. That’s why I like copywriting.

And the best thing about being creative? It’s knowing how to break the rules.

My writing niche

I’m keen to work with individual artists. People like myself who might be authors, actors, musicians, artists and artisans. Although, I also accept writing opportunities outside my speciality as it can spark new ideas and insights.

How I can help you write for the web?

Writing for the web requires skills and knowledge that differ from writing a book. Copywriting in itself is an art form with its own set of rules and structures.

As an online writer my aim is to give you more time to do what you love. By hiring me to write reliable content for your website and blog, you have more time to spend on other things.

On this website, you’ll find articles and blog posts that span both creative and technical topics. Rather than keep my two worlds separated, I prefer to show them off together.

Technical topics give you information about writing for the web, self-hosted websites and WordPress. Although this information is focused on supporting individual artists, it still contains information that you may find useful for your industry.

Creative topics explore my personal journey as a creative writer. It includes mixed media, poetry, writing samples and research.

Reviews reflect on books, television, movies, radio and other forms of digital entertainment.

Life Musings mill over everything else including world cultural events.

Where else do I write?

Since 2012, HubPages regularly feature my articles where I’m a popular online author. My accolades include being listed as ‘Article of the Day’ on the HubPage homepage. I’ve also been read over 100,000 times.

HubPage topics

  • Writing
  • Music
  • Fictional world building
  • Human resources
  • Card Games
  • Endangered species

Sometimes, I need to conduct research to better understand the subject and themes but research to me is more than just discovering archival information.

My business background

Writing & working in the 1990's
I use to work as a bookkeeper and executive assistant.

My background establishes my authority on various topics. You can view my profile on Linkedin for an in-depth coverage of my career history.

As a content writer, I work as an online published author or as a ghostwriter. On topics outside my sphere of experience, I prefer to work with a client or editor to create reliable and accurate web page content.

My interest and knowledge of ever-changing SEO practices, means my content writing employs copywriting techniques.

More recently, my work as an Internet Ads Assessor adjudicating the quality of Bing search responses, broadened my experience and knowledge of search engine mechanics.

My credentials also show I’m keen to stay apprised of industry standards and changes.

My credentials

Certified tertiary courses

  • Master of Arts (Writing) (2017, Swinburne University of Technology).
  • Cert IV in Human Resources (2011, AHRI).
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship (2002, Achaeus, QEW Programme).
  • Diploma in Music (Voice) (1992, Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University).
  • Advanced Diploma in Acting (ARTTS International (UK), 1993).

Short courses

  • The Online Marketing Fundamentals (2017, Google’s Digital Garage)
  • Online Advertising (2014, OUA)
  • Concepts in Game Development (2013, OUA)
  • Writing for the Web (2013, OUA)
  • User Experience for the Web (2013, OUA)
  • Adult learning certificate in HTML4 (1999, TAFE).

As an emerging author

My Writing Avatar
My Writing Avatar

Who doesn’t want to get published? I also want to help authors create believable fictional worlds that linger in the reader’s imagination. In addition, I want to share my creative writing processes to inspire and help others.

If you have a website or business blog….

You need fresh content. Content tailored for your business brand. My content writing services offer affordable packages. But as I prefer to do the writing myself, my client openings are limited . So hurry, find out more about my online content and article writing plans.