Author News December 2023


Tina Dubinsky

Hello and welcome to my first Author News. Can you believe it? I’ve been writing for over a decade, and it feels strange to start this regular update now. But hey, better late than never, right? So let’s dive into the fun stuff.

This website has been serving two purposes. It helped kickstart my writing career and also promoted my creative side. I am a professional blogger in the commercial writing sphere. This has extended to other commercial writing projects too.

My first author newsletter serves to announce that my writing passions are splitting up. My commercial writing business is moving to a new home over at While will continue as my creative writing space.

I planned the break-up during the pandemic and had hoped to have it all sorted by now. However, instead of my commercial writing reducing, it grew. I discovered running a business also requires lots of time and energy, so I had to put my creative writing plans on hold.

A blog writing adventure

What began as a blog-writing adventure to bring in a little extra each month now feels like a full-time job. My writing now supports businesses to prepare so many different types of commercial writing, including:

  • Project managing monthly newsletters (clients and employees).
  • Business letters (customer-facing).
  • Email marketing.
  • YouTube scripts.
  • Case study brochures – design and copy.
  • Social media posts – design and copy.
  • Printed newspaper article copy (advertiser and feature articles).
  • Blog articles.

One of the core aspects of my business is to support and mentor small business owners. I truly desire to help others write for the web. While it is important to write content that provides answers that your readers are searching for, it is also equally important to get that content seen.

So, if you’re after any of the above services, head on over to the new space and bookmark it now. launches in the new year.

Why start writing author news?

This space was initially designed to share my creative writing pursuits. Aside from using it to record my writerly journey, I wanted to guide and inspire other writers and support authors with book reviews and news. Then, my commercial writing business (meant to support the former interest) took off.

And I discovered that it was really difficult to balance both and still have a life.

But, I’ve been rethinking my core focuses. So, from 2024, this platform will go back to its roots to focus on:

  • Short stories.
  • Poems.
  • Research into writing.
  • Writerly experiments.
  • Conveying my writerly journey.
  • Sharing fellow authors’ news.

Even though commercial writing has kept me busy, I have continued to explore my creative writing by putting aside ten, twenty minutes here and there. Sometimes, I’ve even been able to squeeze 1,000 words out for my main work in progress (WIP).

Over the last year. I wrote a very short, short story (150 words), which I will share with you in the new year. Plus, my WIP set in the dark fantasy world, Azur, has progressed. It’s been under the editing knife where my focus on tightening up the structure has cut away at unnecessary banter and added a couple of new scenes.

As well as regular updates on my creative writing process, you’ll learn more about other authors in my reading interests through reviews and commentary. My interests cover Indie authors, fantasy, speculative, science fiction, historical fiction, creative nonfiction, crime, Australian, children’s, young adult, new adult, alternative and poetry genres.

I hope you stay connected with me either here or over at iBlogyou. I will be shifting some blog articles to their new home in 2024 and publishing more regular reads of a creative nature. There will even be a website makeover (huzzah!).

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, I wish you all a safe, peaceful and healthy journey out of the darkness (or heatwaves and floods, if you’re in Australia).

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