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Books make great gifts. My family can never go wrong when gifting me a book. I prefer to hold printed books in my hands rather than read them on a tablet.

First, a reading tablet hurts more than a traditional book when you fall asleep reading in bed and it falls on your face.

Second, my eyes don’t tire as much when reading from a printed book versus a digital book. So, I can read all night long.

Third, reading is a sensory experience. You just can’t beat the smell of printed paper, musty or otherwise.

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    Viola – Book One in The Age of Ahnicus.

    Book cover for Viola, the first in The Age of Ahnicus series. The first of our coming soon books feautres an icon for a black hole in greyscale and beneath it is an icone of a mountain that stretches across the cover. At the top of the cover is the author's name, Tina Dubinsky. Beneath it in purple is the title of the book, Viola. On the back of the book cover are the words, "I have plans for you", in large bold lettering. Beneath it is a paragraph teaser. "Everyone has plans for Viola. Her choices seem simple, but when teh rst of her life (and ultimately, the world) depends on what she does next, it all becomes too much. She she stay or go? And then, There's a new voice in her head - like she doesn't have enough of them already. It is getting super demanding, and it has plans for her too.

    The dark and dread of night are faithful companions on the world, Azur.

    Viola is the first book in the epic series, Age of Ahnicus. Azur is a world much like our own. It exists in a pocket universe within Sagittarius A* where ideas, thoughts, facts and fantasy merge and scatter. While it shares a similar history with Earth, things are very different in the world of Azur.

    Viola is an orphan and a talented ahn, a type of evolved human. Sent to the Guild of Antiquity at a young age, she knows little about her past and human step-family. As graduation from the guild’s prestigious school nears, she must decide what to do next.

    Everyone around her has different ideas and aspirations for Viola’s future. Even her best friend has chartered a path for them both. There’s a lot of pressure on her to do well academically and she is miserably failing. She could always buy her way into university, but Viola needs money. With the hope of convincing the guild to grant her a scholarship, she sets out to wow them with the only thing she has going for her: Talent. Most ahns are born with just a little, but Viola won the lottery when it comes to her art. It’s her secret sauce.

    Insights into “Viola”


    Dark fantasy and science fiction.

    Age genre

    New adult.

    When to expect?

    Early 2025.


    The Age of Ahnicus. Book one.

    At the moment, I have about six books planned for this series. The next story focuses on Eldaernth, who is a supporting character in the first book.

    This is an original fantasy world with original characters and species. It includes some science-fiction genre elements too.