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Try Gutenberg banner showing iPad-like screen layout with WordPress icon and "Try Gutenberg written beneath.

The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Do you manage a self-hosted WordPress website? By now you should have encountered this year’s significant change, the WordPress Gutenberg Editor.  After a frosty reception from the blogging community, it’s now scoring two-and-a-half stars on Because it’s optional, many users have reverted to the Classic editor. In this article we’re going to discuss: “Try …

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How to write a pithy blog post and engage readers

To write a pithy blog post takes practice. If you dare to learn, your writing will engage more readers. While pithy describes a writing style and voice, it also characterizes language choices. But are you aware of its relation to the orange? Citrus fruit and other plants contain pith. It’s the white springy tissue under …

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Ghostwriting pen

Writing for others about the unfamiliar

As a ghostwriter for business blogs, “write what you know” has limitations when writing for others.  It seems like good advice and for most blog writers it’s the obvious choice. But when you’re writing for others on unfamiliar topics, you write instead towards what you want to know. Freelance writers like myself often take on writing projects …

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Make your products stand out

How to write amazing product descriptions

To write product descriptions well, you need to differentiate your product. Typing the same descriptive words used by your competitors lacks originality. And writing unoriginal text is boring. Your customers have read it before. Do you copy the text from packaging and supplier’s product brochures directly onto your website? Well you’re probably shooting yourself in …

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Writing goal to engage with others.

Writing goals: to help others do what they love

Recently, I did some deep thinking about where I was heading with my writing goals. Since I graduated from my Masters, I’ve pottered around working on a few creative projects;  mostly my fictional short stories. But, something was missing.   I looked at my core values and rejigged my writing practice to support them. Writing …

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