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Art Proposal: Exhibitions, grants and more


Submit a pitch-perfect persuasive exhibition, grant or gallery proposal starting at up to 500 words.

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Get help writing an art proposal for an exhibition, grant or another purpose.

  • Art proposals start from 500 words.
  • Ideal for exhibition proposals, art gallery introductions or grant proposals.
  • Free consultation either by phone, Google Hangouts or Skype  (voice only).
  • Suits artists who don’t know where to begin.

Art Proposal Service Expectations

My art proposal process begins by discovering everything to create a persuasive pitch with a free consultation. That includes the art to be displayed or created, who it benefits and how you will present it.

The Process

Step One – Payment confirmation and review

I confirm your payment and review the information you have provided.

Step Two – Artist Interview

You will receive an email from me within 48 hours to set up a consultation time. During the consultation, we’ll discuss the nature and purpose of your pitch, including:

  • Set requirements of the exhibition proposal, grant or gallery such as formatting or use of the art space.
  • Confirm your eligibility
  • The proposal’s purpose.
  • If it is an art exhibition proposal, we’ll also discuss:
    • The artworks and the purpose, theme, intent of the exhibit.
    • Your art style, genre, philosophies and values.
    • Whether the works will be grouped or displayed individually.
    • Any special hanging requirements.
    • Size of the installation and artworks.
    • Ambience such as music and lighting.
    • The audience’s first impression.
    • A floor design to go with the proposal.
    • How the artwork will arrive at the site.
    • Who will hang or display your artwork.
  • If it is a proposal for an art grant, we’ll also cover:
    • Your project idea.
    • Who will benefit.
    • Whether you have any photos or images to go with the proposal.
    • Who will benefit from the grant.
    • Whether there is a research question behind your proposal.
    • Formatting guidelines (double-checking).
    • A need statement that describes the specific need that your art project addresses.

The discussion also confirms:

  • Who the proposal is for.
  • Whether there are any set requirements.
  • Word length.
  • Voice.
  • Your preferred version of English (UK, Australian, USA, Canada or New Zealand).

Step Three – I write your proposal.

With all the information I’ve gathered, I write your proposal.

Step Four – I send you your first draft.

The draft will be in MS Word Format, Google Docs, Pages or a plain text format.  Delivery is via download or email, ten working days after the interview.

Step Five – You review the draft.

You can comment on the live document or send a copy back showing where you want changes. Alternatively, we can have a second free consultation to discuss modifications. If you’re already happy with the proposal, we can skip this step and go straight to step six.

Additional amendments based on word preference and not errors may incur an extra fee. You can make this process easier by communicating all the changes clearly when you receive your first draft.

If you’d prefer a different proposal style, please discuss this during our first consultation.

Step Six – We finalize your proposal

Once you are happy with the proposal, it is yours to keep.

Need a bigger word limit?

I’ll tailor the number of words to fit with your application. The minimum proposal length begins at up to 500 words. You can add-on additional words in increments of 50 and above.


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