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Quality and service guarantees pertain to purchases made for services on this website or sold through the online shop. They include: refunds, T&C, Privacy, Disclaimer, Copyright, Cookies & Service Guarantee.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions outline the rules users agree to follow when visiting and purchasing products or services from’s online store.

1. Definitions

Users refers to online visitors who have the opportunity to buy products and services from Tina Dubinsky.

Customers refers to users who may also be members and who intend to or have purchased a product and/or service from Tina Dubinsky.

Tina Dubinsky, my, me and I refer to Tina Dubinsky Freelance Writer ABN 14 632 643 578, a sole trader.

Website refers to

The Content Shop or shop or store refers to the online e-commerce store associated with located at this URL:

Projects refers to paid and unpaid work by Tina Dubinsky Freelance Writer, which specifically relates to a product in the online store.

You and your refer to a person or organization visiting, reading or using the website and/or its associated products or services.

T&C is an abbreviation for Terms and Conditions, the title given to this legal document.

2. Full legal documents

In conjunction with this document, you should also read the pages that govern this and other activities on this website. These pages act as the full set of legal documents and include the:

3. Website

3.1 Website management is an electronic venue. It delivers products and services to the customers of Tina Dubinsky. These products and services include but are not limited to:

  • Online writing services.
  • Business writing services.
  • Creative writing services.

The website is managed and operated by Tina Dubinsky in Queensland, Australia.

3.2 Website Security

This website uses third-party security applications and plugins to provide the user with a secure environment in which to browse and conduct business. Also, a valid secure certificate extends the security of this website. While employs these apps and services when entering information you should always check the URL.

This website also uses third-party services such as PayPal for the transaction of financial information. When you use these services, the terms and conditions govern your use of those service providers. Because this website uses PayPal as a third-party service provider, there is no sensitive financial information such as credit card details stored on this website.

For information on your privacy when using this website, please refer to how I use Cookies and the Privacy Policy.

3.4 Website Liability

Please refer to the Disclaimer for limits of liability.


4. Projects

Projects include paid and unpaid jobs that I agree to undertake. Paid projects include products and services that you purchase either through The Content Shop or other contractual agreement.

The scope of works for paid projects provides customers with the minimum agreed expectations for each project. It includes information laid out as product information in the shop of this website. It may also include a formal contract and an approved task instruction form.

4.1 The Content Shop

The Content Shop provides customers with an easy to use web-interface for the ordering and prepayment of services and products supplied by Tina Dubinsky.

4.1.1 Customer Account

Customers purchasing products or services through the shop are required to set up and maintain a registered account with valid contact details.

Failure to provide correct information may delay delivery or result in the termination of your account.

There are three types of products and services available through the Shop:

  1. Customized Writing Content.
  2. Ready-to-Go Content.
  3. Affiliated Services.

4.1.2 Customized Writing Content

Customized writing content is content that requires customer input to complete. It includes:

  • Blog posts.
  • Articles.
  • Web pages
  • eBooks.
  • Artist bios.
  • Artist statements
  • Writing histories.
  • Other content.

By purchasing customized writing content you agree to download, complete and send back to me an approved task instruction form. The approved task instruction form outlines our expectations of the project. It may also include:

  • Information about the customer’s business.
  • SEO information such as keywords.
  • Writing information such as voice, audience, and style.
  • Estimated time for the delivery of the project.

You can find out more about how I work with different types of projects.

Delivery of customized writing content

To ensure a smooth workflow, Tina Dubinsky manages and limits the amount of customized writing content available for purchase through the online store at any one time.

By prepaying for this service, you agree to a reasonable but flexible delivery date. You understand that your order may take a few days to complete to several. While an expected delivery date is agreed upon before writing commences, the final delivery depends on:

  • Confirmation of payment in full.
  • Customer input.
  • Size of order.
  • Revisions.

The delivery of customized writing content is either by download or email.


If your customized order is urgent, you should contact Tina Dubinsky to discuss delivery expectations before your purchase a service.


As part of my service guarantee, I aim to provide you with error-free, original customized writing content on the agreed upon delivery due date. However, I also include two free revisions with all customized content orders purchased through the shop, so long as the request for a revision is received within 24 hours of delivery.

I provide these revisions for correcting typographical, originality and factual errors, plus minor changes to context as well as personal preferences such as word choices or references.

Copyright Ownership

For customized content you acknowledge that this is a ghostwriting service. At the end of the writing service, I will transfer to you the copyright ownership. You are free to do what you like with the final product.


You can request a refund for customized projects prior to the commencement of any work. You may also be eligible for a refund if the service has a major flaw. Please refer to the refund policy for more details.

4.1.3 Ready-to-Go Content

Ready-to-Go content includes:

  • Blog posts.
  • Articles.
  • Business forms.
  • Business documents and templates.
  • Other content.

Ready-to-Go content does not include customized services. By purchasing Ready-to-Go Content, you agree to accept the project as is. An excerpt and summary of the Ready-to-Go Content product is available as an image on the product page in the store.

Ready-to-Go blog posts and articles

I use two third-party applications to check each Ready-to-Go blog post and article for quality and originality before their sale. Blog posts and articles are exclusive. There is only one item of each product in the store. After you complete the sale transaction, you own 100% of the copyright.

Ready-to-Go Business forms, business documents, templates and other content

You should check the copyright terms associated with each project.

In some instances, a user license grants you conditional use of documents for personal and private business use. Where Tina Dubinsky retains copyright ownership, you agree not to sell, publish or distribute these documents in the public domain.

Delivery of Ready-to-Go projects

You can download your Ready-to-Go Content following the confirmation of your payment.

Ready-to-Go updates

From time to time, Tina Dubinsky may update Ready-to-Go Content projects to keep them relevant and to meet the service guarantee. To access and stay informed of updated projects, you must maintain an account at


You may be eligible for a refund if the product has a major flaw. Please refer to the refund policy for more details.

Notwithstanding, if at the time of sale the quality and originality do not meet our service guarantee, Tina Dubinsky agrees to one free revision of the project’s content within a reasonable time frame. The free revision allows us to correct minor typographical, originality and factual errors in consultation with you.

The free revision does not extend to the customization of content. Nor does typographical errors include differences in dialects of the English language unless it is different to the language stipulated on the project at point-of-sale

4.1.4 Limited Liability for Customized Writing Content & Ready-to-Go Content

Typographical and clerical errors

Tina Dubinsky strives to provide error-free work. Tina Dubinsky will correct any typographical errors or mistakes made by Tina Dubinsky at no charge. For this purpose, Tina Dubinsky offers one to two free revisions depending on the product or service. However, the customer accepts the final proofreading is their responsibility.

Factual errors

While Tina Dubinsky conducts research and writing to produce original, quality content, it is your responsibility to check the appropriateness, currency, accuracy, and validity of any information before acting on it.

You accept full responsibility for implementing and publishing the content you buy from Tina Dubinsky.

For Customized Writing Content

You agree to accept full responsibility for obtaining permission to publish any material whatsoever that is not owned by you that may be subject to copyright, or may be reasonably expected to need permission including but not limited to any images, customer testimonials and case histories before publication.

You agree not to hold Tina Dubinsky responsible for any loss or damage due to typographical, clerical, factual and/or reference errors, as well as any copyright infringements.

4.1.5  Affiliated Services

When purchasing affiliated services through The Content Shop, the shop may send you to an external website. You understand that you are leaving and that the affiliated service provider has their own set of terms and conditions to which you are bound.

All payment transactions for affiliated services take place directly with the affiliated provider. You understand that any refund requests or disputes are handled directly with the affiliated provider.

However, should you find an affiliated provider lacking in service and quality, I welcome your feedback.

4.1.6 Termination of Shop Account

You or Tina Dubinsky may stop your shop account at any time for any reason.

If you choose to end and close your online shop account, you understand that you will no longer have access to purchase history, downloads and updates.

If you choose to end and close your online shop account please refer to the refund policy regarding for outstanding services or products.

4.2 Large customized writing projects and ongoing monthly blog writing projects

Individual contractual agreements between Tina Dubinsky and the customer govern large orders and ongoing monthly blog writing projects. The process for these projects often begins with the customer contacting Tina Dubinsky directly for a quote.

5. Disputes

Please refer to the dispute resolution policy.

6. Relationship

You acknowledge that Tina Dubinsky is not an employee but an independent contractor. As such, I am free to hire employees and the services of others to help with my business.

7. Notices

By purchasing products or services from Tina Dubinsky, you agree to receive email notifications about changes to this website. These changes may include changes to products and services and updates to our set of legal documents. You can also choose to opt-out of marketing material at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email.

You also agree that changes to our legal pages take effect on the date inscribed on the document. This date may be the published date or the updated date. If you do not receive an email about the changes to, you agree that the updated document on this website suffices as notice.

8. Severance

If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms will continue to be valid and enforceable.

9. Waiver

Both parties must agree in writing to any waiver of rights, responsibilities or remedies under this agreement. Delay or failure to act on any part of this agreement does not construe a waiver of rights for that part or entire agreement.

10. Assignment

Tina Dubinsky may assign or transfer these rights and obligations without your consent. You may not transfer your rights or obligations without the prior written consent of Tina Dubinsky.

11. Privacy and Non Disclosure

Information supplied by the customer for customized writing content will remain confidential. Tina Dubinsky will only use it for providing to the customer the products and services relating to this agreement. This provision survives the expiration of the agreement.

12. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The laws of the state of Queensland, Australia govern the applicable law to this agreement and disputes arising out of its subject matter.

13. Last updated

The terms and conditions page was first published on May 08, 2018 and updated on May 18, 2018.