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Unique Blog Post 800-900 Words Ghostwriting Service

Prices are in Australian dollars. Pay with PayPal. Most credit cards accepted. Want to pay on invoice via email? Ask me for a quote.

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Unique Blog Post 800-900 Words Ghostwriting Service


Unique blog post 800-900 words.

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  • You receive an 800 to 900-word unique blog post in a word or text document.
  • Includes SEO (headings, keywords, 2-4 internal links, 1 qualified external link).
  • A half-hour Skype or Facetime Consultation if required.
  • Blog post customized for your business.
  • Ghostwriting service.
  • Copyright transfers to you at completion.

My ghostwriter service for business blogs gives you the time to focus on what matters most for your business. As your personal ghostwriter, I keep your blog up-to-date with consistent and unique blog posts.

Blog post service expectations

My blog post process begins by learning what you need. I also gather factual information about your topic. You can find out more about how I work with different projects.

A unique blog post writing service

This is a unique blog writing service. While I research, write and edit all customer content, I still use services like Copyscape Premium to check for duplicated content. All it takes is a string of the same words to flag content as unoriginal.

You can use it for general blog posts.

For example, if you sell security doors, windows and other equipment you may want a blog post about “5 Popular security doors for home protection and safety.”  I’ll write the blog post with your business in mind. The blog post highlights what you make and sell. I also include a link to an earlier blog post as well as links to product pages on your website.

Or you can use it for more specific posts.

Let’s say, you make handcrafted scented candles. You’re developing a new range and you want a blog post that features three of your best samples. I’ll interview you about your craft, what inspired the range, ingredients and process.

The post might also talk about colors, scents and give suggestions for use.

The Task Instruction Form

Once your payment is confirmed, you receive a download link or email with a task instruction form.  The task instruction form sets out your expectations of the blog post.

Half-hour consultation

I find a consultation suits blog posts of a more personal nature. It’s especially useful for artists and artisans.

I use either Skype or Facetime for consultations.

I’m also experienced with transcription.  So, if you prefer to explain your blog post via a sound file, I can also send you a short interview questionnaire for the topic.

What you receive

You receive the text for a blog post of 800 to 900 words in a MS Word Format or a text file format. If you prefer a different format such as google docs, just let me know in advance and I’ll confirm if this is available.

I style your unique blog post in Arial 12 point with links and bolded headings.

This service does not include images with your unique blog post. However, if you have your own images for inclusion, I can refer to them in the text.

Delivery is via download or email, seven working days after my writing start date. The delivery date is dependent upon receiving materials from you and an interview if required.

If you’re satisfied with my draft

If you’re happy with the blog post, you sign off on its completion and I transfer the copyright ownership. Once completed, the blog post is yours to keep.

If you need changes…

Send  the draft back. Indicate where the changes or corrections made. If required, we can discuss the draft and changes over Skype.

Person writing a unique blog post.
I craft unique blog posts about your business, services or products.

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