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A major drawcard to any website is a blog with regular and relevant content. Not only does it keep your website connected to search engines, it also attracts repeat customers and people who want to find solutions.

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Your Freelance Blog Writer

It’s no secret that regular posts attract a repeat audience. But not everyone has the passion or time to maintain a blog that promotes their business. As your freelance blog writer we work together to create original, consistent content.

While our aim is to attract customers and start conversations, online readers seek answers to problems and questions. By providing those answers, we give your audience something of value that they find useful.

While SEO should be factored into our writing, ultimately we write for the reader.

Single blog post

The single blog post is perfect for testing my blog writing services. And if you’re a bit behind a single post can give your blog a boost.

I research and write unique blog posts based on your task instruction. The turn around for a single blog post is between five and seven days.

You can request a single blog post any time you need a boost through The Content Shop.

Monthly blog posts (ongoing)

Are you struggling to keep your blog up-to-date? My ongoing monthly blog package provides regular posts.

You choose the number of posts per month and the number of words. The month-to-month ongoing contract guarantees consistent content for your blog with no cancellation fee.

If you’re seeking help with publishing regular blog posts, talk to me about ghostwriting for your blog.

Every blog post begins with a task instruction form. It outlines the due date, topic and writing aims. As well, you have the option to connect with me over Skype or Facetime.

Benefits of BlogginWhy choose the monthly blog package

over a single blog writing post?

A discount applies to the monthly package. It works out cheaper than ordering two or three single blog posts. It also provides you with an ongoing, guaranteed commitment from me to produce high-quality professional blog posts.
When you hire me as your professional freelance blog writer, there’s no middle man. An ongoing contract outlines the terms of agreement. As I do all the writing there is a limited number of monthly blog packages available.

Benefits of using a dedicated freelance blog writer

A freelance blog writer brings fresh ideas. They also:

  • Increase sales leads.
  • Boost blog followers by attracting new readers.
  • Retain your audience.
  • Add a personal touch to your business.
  • Create new opportunities with social media shares.

  • Increase rank in search queries.
  • Improve inbound links.
  • Create discussion with comments.
  • Reinforce your brand.
  • Give your visitors useful information.

Monthly Blog Packages

Only two commitments remain for 2018.

Talk to me now to secure your spot.

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art blog writer

Why focus on the Arts Industry

My blogging niche.

Arts blog posts cover the artist’s process. This involves research into the personal motivations and influences of the artist. I personally enjoy learning and writing about what motivates an artist.

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