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Customized content writing services

Do you need online content writing services? As a qualified English writer with over 15 years experience, I specialize in web communications. I love to research and write about all sorts of topics from the arts industry to real estate, food and manufacturing industries. My freelance writing services include:

Web page content writing services

Web pages

Web pages are standard information pages. They include your services and about page.

  • Website evaluation.
  • New web content.
  • Content revision.

blog post content writing services

Blog posts

Blog writing engages the reader with a less formal style and communicates relevant information frequently.

  • Affordable packages.
  • Blog editing.
  • Social media plugs.

Longform article content writing services

Article writing

Written with a formal tone, articles use over 1,000 words to explain a deeper understanding of a topic.

  • Long-form article.
  • Standard article.
  • Repurposed article.

Business eBook Writing

eBook Writing

A content rich eBook shares your message and establishes your authority on a topic.

  • Nonfiction eBooks.
  • Media enhanced.
  • eBook Editing.

Everyone writes.

Why then do you need my content writing services?


You don’t have enough time to write every blog post yourself.

You may not be as skilled at writing for the web.

Writing web content is not your primary business focus.

You want a skilled writer to edit your writing.

Writing for the web uses different skills than those used to write traditional print media. First, online readers read differently. Second, online writing incorporates copywriting.

In the past, online writers have differentiated their technical writing skills. There’s the content writer, the copywriter and the editor. But as the web evolves, online writers like myself are owning all three skill sets.

But, SEO’s dead, right?

Well.. no. Search engine optimisation is still an important part of the equation. However, it focuses on quality and relevance, not keyword stuffing.

While keywords improve a website’s search engine ranking, good content communicates relevant ideas and engages readers. My online writing services also incorporate SEO. They focus on providing unique information that appeals to the reader.

art blog writer

Content for creative people

 Designed for individual artists

Artists have their own way of doing things. Their own processes, methodologies and insights.
That’s why I like to talk with my clients, so I can better understand their approach and market position.

You do what you love most
and I do the writing.

Find out how I work.