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Web page writing

Web page content

Web pages are standard information pages. They include your homepage, services page and about page.

  • Website evaluation.
  • New web content.
  • Content revision.

Longform article writer

Article writing

Written with a formal tone, articles use over 1,000 words to explain a deeper understanding of a topic.

  • Long-form article.
  • Standard article.
  • Repurposed article.

blog writer

Blog posts

Blog writing engages the reader with a conversational style to communicate information frequently.

  • Affordable packages.
  • Proofread your posts.
  • Comment interaction.

Business eBook Writing

eBook Writing

A content rich eBook shares your message and establishes your authority on a topic.

  • Short non-fiction eBook.
  • Media enhanced.
  • eBook Editing.

Everyone writes. So, why should you hire my content writing services?

I could tell you that it’s all about search engine optimisation. But, search engine optimisation or SEO is just one part of the equation. While keywords improve a website’s search engine ranking, good content communicates ideas and engages readers.

SEO versus quality content

In recent years, a practice known as keyword stuffing pushed pages to the front of search engine archives. But savvy search engines caught on and they changed their algorithms to penalise this practice. Instead pages with quality and original content now receive higher ratings.

While SEO draws traffic to your website, quality content, researched topics, scannable text and an authoritative voice finds customers and keeps them. My online writing services incorporate SEO but focuses on providing unique content that appeals to the reader.

What quality means

The University of Edinburgh lists five key criteria for Evaluating Website Content for its students. They are:

  1. Audience.
  2. Authority.
  3. Accuracy.
  4. Objectivity.
  5. Currency.

Web page quality also impacts search engine placement. Just like universities, search engines use similar guidelines (and people) to rate and assess quality pages. I should know, I worked as a quality link assessor.

People are skeptical about discovering trustworthy content online. However, writing quality content means backing up facts with authority. Authored content from a credible source influences readers.

Digital ghostwriter providing discrete services

ghostwriter - content writing servicesSo, why use a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter does the grunt work for you. My content writing services research the topic to prepare a client-centric article. I provide free revisions to your satisfaction, so you feel confident adding your name and credentials to the writing.

You use a ghostwriter because:

  • You don’t have enough time to write every blog post yourself.
  • You’re not as skilled at writing for the web.
  • Writing web content is not your primary business focus.

A ghostwriter is like a personal assistant. But one who enjoys writing on your behalf without the public recognition.

Personal service and a dedicated writer

I work closely with my ongoing clients to support their businesses. So, hire my services in advance to avoid limited availability.

Find out how it all works.