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Single blog post

Perfect for trialing my blog writer services or if you’re running behind and need a boost. I will write a unique blog post that suits your business.

You choose:

  • Number of words (300, 600 or 900).
  • Topic and theme.
  • One keyword phrase.

Provide your URL, personal notes and any multimedia.

The turn around for a single blog post is between seven and ten days. Request a single blog post any time you need a boost.

Monthly blog posts (ongoing)

Do you need more help to keep your blog regular? My recurring monthly blog package provides you with three blog posts over the course of a month.

You choose:

  • Number of words (300, 600 or 900).
  • Topic.
  • Primary keyword phrase.
  • Secondary keyword phrase.
  • Working title.
  • Theme.

You provide additional notes and multimedia, and choose when and how to post them on your blog.

Why choose the monthly package over the single blog post?

Blogging is a just one type of online writing.

The monthly package works out cheaper than ordering three single blog posts. It also provides you with an ongoing, guaranteed commitment from me, so you post more often.

However, there are a limited number of blog copywriter packages. Once these spots fill up, you’ll need to wait until there’s a space.

Benefits of using a dedicated business blogger

A business blog writer brings fresh ideas to the screen. They can also:

  • Benefits of BlogginIncrease sales leads.
  • Boost blog followers by attracting new readers.
  • Retain your audience.
  • Add a personal touch to your business.
  • Create new opportunities with social media shares.
  • Increase rank in search queries.
  • Improve inbound links.
  • Create discussion with comments.
  • Reinforce your brand.
  • Give your visitors useful information.

Link regular blog writing to longer articles

It’s no secret that regular blog posts increase engagement. Every time you blog and share your post on social media or to an email list, it reminds your audience about your website and business.

Above all, it keeps your audience interested in what you’re doing. A business blog’s topics bring attention to products, services and people. But your posts need to inform with the aim to enlighten, while avoiding repetitive information or present a sales pitch.

Like article writing, maintaining a blog offers an opportunity to showcase what your business is doing. However, blog posts are usually less formal than articles. They also use a conversational tone to connect with the reader.

To maintain a regular blog schedule, blog posts are shorter than a formal article and they take less time to read. However, linking a blog post to a longer, formal article can offer more information to your reader.


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