Freelance Writer

With an arts focus.

Freelance writers, like myself run their own business. We aim to please you, the client, with our finest work. By having  a direct relationship with me, I learn exactly what you need. Nothing gets filtered. There’s no middleman.

The hiring process is pretty straight forward.  I may ask you a lot of questions at the start, but that’s just so I can clearly understand your goals and needs. After all, clear communication is what we strive to achieve.

Request a quote to reserve your time

My writing vacancies book out in advance, so find out how I work. But if you want to hire a freelance writer for a quick turnaround, I also set a little time aside for urgent, unexpected orders.

I have a quick response rate to enquiries. Ask for a free quote today and I’ll immediately reserve the time for your project.

My specialisation as a freelance writer

Many freelance writers specialise in different industries. While my experience and skills extend to human resources and business writing, my main speciality is in the arts industry.

However, I have oodles of experience and know-how outside my niche. So, if you’re unsure if I can write for you, ask me. As a freelance writer and storyteller, I love to immerse readers in rich stories, no matter the genre.


My quote outlines either an hourly rate or fixed fee. Depending on the project, I may set a fixed number of hours. However, sometimes projects can grow or diminish and with your approval, I take this into account on my final invoice.

My quote also  lists any other additional expenses, such as multimedia. Often these are just a suggestion provided for your consideration.

Twitter Social Media Bird

Touch base with me on Twitter

As a bonus, I often share my clients social media status updates for free. While most days, I’m head down bum up writing, I take occasional breaks for a quick social banter. Oh, and coffee.

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