Freelance Article & Blog writer

Attract Customers with a Freelance Article & Blog Writer

Do you want to attract visitors to your website to convert into customers?

As your article and blog writer, Tina crafts quality content to attract a repeat audience. While regular blog posts build an audience, a clever copywriter blogger adds SEO, power words and direct response copywriting to convert readers to customers.

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Keep up with a single blog post

Is your blog running behind? Catch up now with a single blog post tailored to your needs. Take the stress out of blogging.

  • Research-driven process for collection of quality information.
  • Query keywords to optimise your blog article’s success.
  • Employ techniques used in writing for the web.
  • Select the number of words per blog article.
  • Craft unique blog posts with creative content.
  • Selection of images from stock photography.
  • Metadata for SEO.

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Pace your monthly blog posts

Are you seeking an ongoing solution for a dying blog? Keep it up-to-date with relevant content and an ongoing monthly blog service.

  • Everything included in the single blog post.
  • Choose the number of posts per month (2 or more).
  • Include occasional interviews for journalistic content.
  • Receive a 12% discount for upfront monthly payments.
  • No cancellation fee – only pay for work completed.
  • Access Tina’s proven project management system for webpages, articles and blogs writing.


Why choose the monthly blog package over a single blog writing post?

Are you overworked and need to offload some tasks? For less money than hiring a junior marketing assistant to write and maintain your blog, hire Tina a professional copywriter with over 15 years experience. 

The month-to-month ongoing package guarantees consistent content for your blog. If you’re seeking help with publishing regular blog posts, book a free consultation to discuss your blogging needs.

Every blog post begins with a brief. To remove confusion, it outlines the due date, topic and writing aims.

The monthly option offers:

  • Free monthly phone consultation.
  • Consistent, SEO ready articles.
  • Discount when paid in advance.
  • No middle person – direct access to your copywriter.
  • An ongoing, guaranteed commitment to high-quality content.
  • Access to my proven project management system.

Why use a freelance blog writer?

A freelance blog writer brings fresh ideas. They also: [lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]

  • Increase sales leads.
  • Boost blog followers by attracting new readers.
  • Retain your audience.
  • Add a personal touch to your business.
  • Create new opportunities with social media shares.

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  • Increase rank in search queries.
  • Improve inbound links.
  • Create discussion with comments.
  • Reinforce your brand.
  • Give your visitors useful information.[/lgc_column]

Free your blog ideas with Tina Dubinsky

‘My business blogging services offer more for your return than most freelance writers. As a creative blog writer, I include marketing elements in my work, such as SEO and direct response copywriting. As well, you get a free monthly consultation and access to my online project management system.’

Tap Into My Blog Article Writing Process

Collaborate with me to produce spectacular content

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Access a proven online project management system.

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Free monthly consultation on blog articles.

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Timely delivery with option to manage publishing.

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Free revisions through the project management system.


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