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Is your website traffic driving in the wrong direction? Or, perhaps you’re just in the market for a snappy makeover? Then, ask Tina Dubinsky, Brisbane’s freelance copywriter blogger to accelerate your online business.

Transform your web pages and blog with strong verbs, direct response copywriting, power words, scannable and relevant content. Get advice on how to organically grow your audience with quality content.

Writing for the web doesn’t stop with keywords, although SEO helps to position your pages under the right search engine queries. Usefulness, clarity, persuasiveness and relevance also determine the quality of your article.

Are readers taking the time to scan your text? Do they find the information they seek? The search engines know and so should you.

Hire Tina,  Brisbane’s creative content writer to transform your pages on the web.

Choose your copywriting service

Web page copy

Web page content

to promote your online business presence

  • Website evaluation.
  • New web content.
  • Content revision.


Longform article writer

Longform articles

to wow your customers with relevant content

  • Long-form article.
  • Standard article.
  • Repurposed article.


blog writer

Business & Art Blogs

to engage your readers with regular content

  • Affordable.
  • Blog editing.
  • Social media plugs.


Convert your readers to customers with
An SEO Copywriter

Drive more visitors to your website with content that provides the answers that your readers’ seek. Take your website content to the next level by converting them into customers. As an SEO copywriter, Tina uses keywords to optimise your position in search engine results.

Relevant keywords connect your business to your customers. It’s the words and phrases they type into search queries that help people find you. But there are other considerations too, such as the content and format of the answers you provide. Serve up content that sells.

Writing for the web requires clear, web copy.

  • Meaningful text
  • Relevant content
  • Keyword focused

Quality content delivered in an easy to read format engages the reader and converts website visitors to customers.

A copywriter blogger, Tina Dubinsky works as

Request a copywriting quote

website content writer

Your ghostwriter with complete descretion.

An interviewer for personalised content.

A freelancer, so no overheads.

Your content writer for regular content.


For Creative Entrepreneurs, Artists and Small Businesses

target niche artists

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Reach more people by improving the quality of your blog articles.

Engage more customers with targeted web page copy.

Sell more with succinct artist statements and bios.

Create readers, followers and customers with content people love.

Give your business the advantage with freelance article writing services

Engage your customers with regular content. As your freelance copywriter blogger, articles Tina writes include:

  • Customer-centric content that’s relevant and timely.
  • Formatting for reading on the web.
  • Well-researched, reliable content.
  • Personality and a tone that reflects your creative brand.
  • Personal insights, including interview material when appropriate.
  • Search engine terms your customers’ query.

Stand-out from your competitors. Publish long-form scannable content that provides your readers with the information they need. As well, add a captivating call to action that converts readers into customers.

How an online copywriter can help your business

Everyone writes but do you have time to do it all?

Successful blogs engage readers with frequent and regular updates.

Discover a question readers want an answer too. Collate your data, research and analyse it. Then, present it as something new.

Quality content also contains scannable text: headings, dot points, short paragraphs and sentences. It uses keywords, relevance and reliable information to convert readers into followers and customers.

Wordpress Copywriter
Tina’s a WordPress Experienced Copywriter

Say hello to rich customer-centric content

Do you want web page copywriting and blog articles that stand out from your competitors? Then hire Tina a skilled freelance copywriter blogger for your online business and website.

Tina writes copy for creative entrepreneurs on project-based blogs, e-newsletters, landing pages, location-based pages and branded web pages. She also helps individual artists with their websites, artist statements and bios.

Book a free half-hour (no obligation) consultation with Tina through Facebook to discuss your copywriting and blogging needs.

‘Let’s say hello and discuss how we can work together to convert your online website visitors from readers into customers.’

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