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Clients come from the all over the world to work with Tina, a freelance copywriter. Below are just a few of the ways you may interact. You can use the online store, or get a free half-hour consultation.

Freelance Copywriter

Hi there! I’m a freelance copywriter, writer and copy editor in Brisbane, Australia. I help clients both in Australia and overseas with their online copywriting needs. Here are a few ways we might interact:

  1. Ready-to-Go Projects from my online store.
  2. Customized Content Writing Projects also purchased through the store.
  3. Quoted Writing Projects for larger writing jobs and ongoing writing services.

Some of the services I provide include Web Page Content, Article Blog Writing and Art Writing. I also provide general writing services for press releases or advertising articles for community newspapers and magazines as well as editing and proofing services.

Ready-to-Go copywriting services

When I came up with the idea for The Content Shop, I thought, “How can I provide a service for my customers that anticipates their needs?”

Here’s how that works:

Freelance writer store search icon

1. You browse my store.

My online store offers affordable Ready-to-Go projects. Ready-to-Go projects include short articles and blogs on various topics as well as other useful business documents and templates.

Ready-to-Go Icon

2. You select a Ready-to-Go project from my prepaid products.

The Ready-to-Go projects in my online content shop include detailed descriptions of what you get, plus screen captures.  Some Ready-to-Go projects like blogs and articles are one of a kind with a transfer of copyright ownership. Others come with a special licence, like my business templates.

3. You checkout and pay for your Ready-to-Go Project.

Buy now with PayPal

While all store payments are processed through PayPal, you don’t need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card.

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4. You download your Ready-to-Go Project.

Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll be sent a download link to retrieve your purchase.

Ready-to-Go projects are completed in four easy steps.

Store purchased customized content writing projects

Although customized writing projects are also purchased through the online store, my workflow as a freelance copywriter changes significantly.

Productizing this service helps me manage smaller writing jobs. Because I limit the availability of each service, it acts like a booking system.

1. You browse my store.

My online store offers affordable customized copywriting projects. Because they’re customized, these services require some interaction between us. Short customized writing services usually take anywhere from three to ten days to complete.

Freelance Copywriter customized content icon

2. You select Customized Content Writing Projects from my prepaid services.

Customized projects in the store include detailed descriptions of what you can expect.

You may also have the option to publish the work using me as the named author or receive a transfer of copyright ownership.

3. You select and pay for your Customized Projects.

Buy now with PayPal

I’ve used PayPal for years for personal and business use. Before you finalise the sale, please read through the terms and conditions and other relevant documents.

Task instruction form icon

4. You complete my approved Task Instruction Form and I gather information.

Once payment is confirmed, I’ll send you a link to download the Task Instruction Form. You complete the form and send it back with any other information to help me write for you. The form also details things like topic, voice, theme, links, and keywords.

If you change your mind before I begin working as freelance copywriter, you may be eligible for a refund.

5. I start writing.

Writing for me includes information gathering and research. If I need more information, I might email you or catch-up with you on Skype or Facetime. Final delivery times may vary depending on how quickly I receive information from you.

Unseen multiple revisions of a freelance copywriter - icon

6. Revisions, revisions.

A clear scope at the start of the process limits misunderstandings. I’ll send you my final draft by the delivery due date. This maybe by via email or a download. My final draft gives you the opportunity to provide feedback and make some changes.

7. Review.

You review the work and sign off on the project.

Quoted writing projects in seven easy steps

Request a copywriting quote

1. You request a quote.

When you don’t see what you’re looking for in my content shop, or if you’re after an ongoing commitment ask me for a pesonalized quote.

If I need more information, I will contact you by email, phone, Skype of Facetime.

2. You receive my proposal.

I’ll send you a proposal outlining the scope of work, expectations, delivery time and cost.

Share the love with a freelance copywriter - icon

3. Confirm your acceptance with an upfront payment.

For one-off quoted services over $300.00, I require a 50% deposit. Anything under $300 must be paid in full before I start work.

I also require a one month upfront payment for all ongoing monthly writing commitments.

Once I receive your payment, I’ll send you an approved Task Instruction Form.

If you change your mind before I start writing, you may be eligible for a refund.

4. I start writing.

Writing involves information gathering, research and writing. I may also schedule an interview and ask for feedback as I write. This may vary turnaround times.

5. Revisions, revisions.

A clear scope at the start of the process limits misunderstandings. I offer a total of two free revisions after the first draft.

6. Review.

You review the work and sign off on the delivery. The proposal details the terms and conditions of our agreement.

7. Final payment.

For single orders over $300, I will invoice you for the quoted amount less the deposit. My terms are seven days from delivery of the final revision.

Additional information for customized freelance copywriter services

Monthly ongoing blog packages

I require a one month upfront payment. Monthly deductions continue until canceled. Payments can be canceled at any time with the service ending at the end of the month.

Payments for quoted services

Buy now with PayPal or Direct bank transfer for clients in Australia.

Meaningful copy takes time to craft well

Copywriting for the web requires research, planning and preparation. Before I begin writing for you as your freelance copywriter, we sign off on the scope of work and / or an approved task instruction form . These documents confirm:

  • The freelance writing service you hire me to complete (one per quote).
  • Expectations, both yours and mine.
  • Any aspects I need from you, such as:
    • Keywords.
    • Your needs and that of your target audience.
    • Navigation structure (for website pages and linking).
    • Your brand guidelines.
    • Prewritten material.
  • My deliverables, such as the number of words, English dialect, due date and copyright transfer.

Your deposit confirms acceptance of the proposal, terms and conditions.

Scheduling of copywriting services

I can find a few extra hours in my hectic calendar for short jobs. And I often work around-the-clock to suit my international clients. But anything that involves in-depth research or interactive multimedia requires time to prepare well.

My proposal and task instruction form contain suggested start and delivery dates. Sometimes, the time to correspond with you may push out the expected delivery date. However, I try to minimize delays with super friendly reminders.

What comes after the copywriting services?

If your purchase also included a transfer of copyright then what you do with the writing is up to you. Otherwise, you should refer to the copyright notice and license that comes with the work.


Once all the ink has started to dry, I’ll touch base with you about the copywriting and service. All my clients have the option to feature on my website, provide feedback and testimonials.

Existing clients may benefit from a referral and a repeat business discount applied to hourly rates. (Conditions apply.)

Delivery formats

Check product descriptions or proposals for how your content writing job will be formatted and packaged.

  • Microsoft Word.
  • Basic HTML or just plain text in a text file.
  • PDF.
  • Added directly to your website content management system (CMS).

If you want me to work with your CMS as a freelance copywriter, this should be discussed as part of your quote or added as an extra at point-of-sale in the content shop.

While I prefer working with WordPress for content management, I am also conversant with other platforms including:

  • PHP Nuke.
  • Joomla.
  • Drupal.
  • Zikula.
  • Tiki Wiki CMS.

If you have a WordPress website, I may suggest the use of plugins to spruce up your content. Any cost, implementation, and risk remain your responsibility.

Chat to me for a more comprehensive discussion on publishing directly to your preferred CMS.

Multimedia and other gadgets

Images, videos and sounds sourced for your content are recommendations only. They may belong in the public domain or require a license. If you choose to use copyrighted images, always acquire permission and pay for any royalty-free stock photos that you display.