Writing Histories
Creative non-fiction histories written with a journalistic style.

Stories inhabit every part of life, from the family home to the workplace, people have narratives to tell.

Telll your story.

Writing histories

Writing histories and organizational stories is a labor of love. It requires planning, information gathering, and research, as well as time and passion too.

freelance writer writing organizational stories

Organizational storytelling

Organizations are a treasure-trove for stories. Some stories are fact-based, others fiction. From individuals to teams, stories:

  • Inspire change.
  • Support training.
  • Empower leadership.
  • Sell products and services.
  • Strengthen proposals.

freelancer writing local histories

Local histories

Stories thrive in local communities. They bring communities together. And they drive tourism too with stories about:

  • Intriguing people or places.
  • Founders who built your community.
  • The people who came before.
  • The land.

freelance writer writing local histories

Family history and memoirs

The sharing of a family history enriches lives. It provides a sense of belonging and insight in the past. Family history:

  • Crafts creative stories about people from the past.
  • Records short biographies of your relatives.
  • Shares memoirs of the living.

[Creative] Nonfiction and Historical fiction

Writing historical narratives to arouse deep emotions

While many of these tales contain facts, they’re often incomplete. When writing histories, a skilled writer identifies the themes in the information. They take the mundane, give it meaning and infuse it with emotion.

Freelance writer writing stories to connect people.
Stories connect people.

As a skilled writer, I use the information you gather to research and find something new to tell. Your story needs an aim. Such as:

  • To persuade listeners to aspire to be better people.
  • To give a sense of belonging and hope.

And a great story also needs:

  • Structure.
  • Goals.
  • Well defined characters.
  • Conflict.
  • Purpose.
  • Themes.

Do you want a collection of unforgettable stories about your ancestors to pass down to your children? Or a story to empower change in your employees? Or, perhaps you’re after an anthology of stories about the founders and pillars of your community. I can assist you with all of these as a freelance writer writing histories. But I don’t do this alone. Your story needs you to shape it. We work together to mold the information you have into a story you want to share.

freelance writer writing histories

Create memorable stories

With facts from reliable sources and prose

As a freelance writer writing histories, my services start before the first word in the first scene stains the page. In addition to the information you have gathered, I may also:

  • Collect additional archival data.
  • Organize surveys and questionnaires.
  • Visit places to get a sense of the past.
  • Conduct ethnographic research including the study of people and interviews.
  • Facilitate creative research including workshops.

Writing histories requires thoughtful and carefully considered choices. My aim is to reconstruct a fact-filled, life-like past regardless of whether you want a journalistic style article or a historical fiction.

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