Refund Policy for The Content Shop

Products and services sold online require a high level of trust between the customer and provider. That’s why I have chosen to set up a service guarantee and to publish my refund policy.

You should read the content of this page in conjunction with the full set of legal documents.

This refund policy pertains to products and services purchased through The Content Shop direct from Tina Dubinsky. They include:

  1. Customized Writing Content projects.
  2. Ready-to-Go Content projects.

It does not cover refunds for purchases from affiliated services. Affiliated services are purchased directly from the affiliated business. As such, refund enquiries should be made directly to the that business. However, I am interested in receiving feedback about the service as it pertains to your use.

Refund Policy eligibility

Customers of may be entitled to a refund should there be a major problem with the product or services provided.

Customized Writing Content service refunds

The approved Task Instruction Form establishes a start date and a finish date for each project. If a customer prepays before the start date, then changes their mind, they may be entitled to a refund so long as work has not yet commenced.

If it is past the start date you may be eligible for a part refund for unconsumed services where there is a major problem.

A service with a major problem means:

  • Customers would not have agreed to the purchase had they known about the major problem at point-of-sale.
  • It is unfit for its intended purpose* and the problem can’t be fixed within a reasonable amount of time.
  • It is unsafe.

If the problem is not major we will fix it within a reasonable amount of time. And, if we don’t fix it within this time limit you can have someone else fix it and recover all reasonable costs from us.

If the problem cannot be fixed we view it as a major problem.

Ready-to-Go projects product refunds

If you change your mind about the product you purchased, then I am not required to offer a refund or exchange.

However, if there is a major problem with the product then you can choose a refund or exchange. A major problem means the product:

  • Is unsafe.
  • Is significantly different to the description or example provided in the product description.
  • Doesn’t do what it’s intended to do* and can’t be fixed.
  • Had a major problem at the time it was purchased and customers would not have bought the product had they known.

Alternatively, you can choose to keep the item and we will compensate you for any drop in value.

If the problem is not major, we will fix the issue within a reasonable time. If I don’t fix it in a reasonable time you can choose a refund or replacement.

*Intended purpose

The intended purpose is either the purpose we provide it for, or the purpose you want it for so long as you have advised us of this purpose before the purchase.

Proof of purchase

Please keep your proof of purchase —e.g. your receipt, invoice, contract agreement or bank statement.

Refund Policy Law

I have devised this refund policy based on the legal requirements for refunds in the state of Queensland, as published by The Office of Fair Trading.

The legal requirements cover all types of businesses and purchases including online, and intangible services and products.

Published Date

The refund policy was first published on 09 May 2018.