Urban Fantasy ‘Better Off Dead’ worthy of your inner fantasies


This is the first instalment of quickie book reviews of books that I have read, or tried to read. If it is a good book, then I generally gobble it down with my eyes within a few days. By a good book, I mean a book that has a story that satisfies my inner fantasies. A not so good book, while I may try to persevere with it through a few reading sessions, will usually end up being unread and removed from my library.

‘Better Off Dead’ is better off read

Better Off Dead is the first book in the Lily Harper Series by H.P.Mallory. Before I began reading this book I had reservations. I am always skeptical of free listings on Amazon as I tend to find that the storytelling is sub standard. This book is one of the exceptions. Since reading this book, I’ve added a few more of H.P.Mallory’s books to my wish list. I even purchased the second book in this series and enjoyed it just as much, if not more than the first.

The story centers on Lily Harper’s life after death and her adventurous new job as a retriever of lost souls for Afterlife Enterprises. Better Off Dead is a fun read. Mallory’s writing style is energetic and creative. While some readers balk at Mallory’s innovative use of language to spark accents from the imagination, I found it very easy to relate too.

Urban Fantasy Genre

As a book in the urban fantasy genre it is filled with lots of exciting themes including the initial development of a supernatural romance.  One of my criticisms with the book was trying to understand how a young business executive became so learned, and climbed the career ladder so quickly by the tender age of 22. Of course, I’m being picky, and in the greater scheme things this was just a minor annoyance overshadowed by an entertaining story.

Urban Fantasy - Better Off Dead
Urban Fantasy, ‘Better Off Dead’ second edition book cover is more appealing than the first edition. This book cover theme continues with the release of the second book in the series.

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