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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions outline the rules users agree to follow when visiting and purchasing products or services from’s online store. 1. Definitions Users refers to online visitors who…

Privacy Policy

Hello!  Thanks for visiting my privacy policy. is an electronic venue for writing services and information. It’s also part of my artist studio. As an online user, I care…


This disclaimer states the limits of liability for this website:  You should consider the material on this website with regards to its intent and by making your own judgements…

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1. Overview of copyright notice The copyright notice should be read in conjunction with the full set of legal documents for By using this website, you agree to abide…


Assorted cookies

When I hear, read or write the word ‘cookies’, my mind can’t help but retrieve an image of the infamous Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. In case your childhood skipped…

Content Writing Guarantee

There’s a high level of uncertainty when buying online products and services, especially intangibles. That’s why I’ve published my content writing guarantee and refund policy. On this website, I sell…