Tina Dubinsky

U-Foria dot com is a domain I purchased over ten years ago. Originally its purpose was a community website for people interested in all sorts of free thinking.

U-Foria logo
The 2014 U-Foria logo

Over the last few years, I attempted to dust it off and relaunch it into a blog for appreciating the finer things in life. It remains in our portfolio. I have for the time being, redirected traffic to my writerly blog where you can view a selection of the articles that were published at U-Foria over the last twelve months.

Why have I merged U-Foria?

I have far too many things going on as a writer. Too many websites, too many projects.

I want to focus on working towards my Master of Arts (Writing) with Swinburne University of Technology. I also have to complete my first novel, Fractured.

That’s not to say I won’t use the domain name again. I might one day, but for now I am leaving U-Foria to hibernate once more.

Articles from U-Foria

If I had to select one article that was my favorite from U-Foria, it would be Hawking (2004) Another Cumberbatch Masterpiece.

View the full list of articles transferred from U-Foria.

U-Foria Book Reviews
U-Foria was to have a book review section. It seems silly to separate that from my writerly self.

What’s next

I really do not know what is waiting for U-Foria. It took me years to get the logo right, so I probably won’t give up on it completely.

I could be open to a discussion about the domain name, but ‘selling’ it, is neither a desire, or a priority.

Finer things in life recommendations

If you came here hoping to find a blog about the finer things in life, here is my recommendation:

The Finer Things in Life

You can also check out my article on the finer things of life which was originally published on U-Foria.

Comments, thoughts?